About us

Esthéticienne en train d'utiliser sa machine à épilation laser sur une patiente.

Our history

Elegance was originally a beauty salon called Elegance Studio. Elegance Studio has grown over the years, combining passion and professionalism. After years in the industry, the company decided to sell the machines it used. Elegance Studio realized the needs of the market and the complexity of accessing these tools, and decided to make them accessible.

Elegance Boutique was born and set about acquiring these appliances. Because Elegance Studio uses the machines it buys, Elegance Boutique not only sells you the machines, but also advises you, trains you, installs the product and provides ongoing after-sales service. Elegance Boutique understands machine-related issues and can provide you with the best possible support.

Elegance Boutique has been in the beauty equipment business for 2 years now, and has real experience of the demand. Thanks to its partners, the store offers the latest generation of machines, always at the cutting edge of technology.

Une esthéticienne qui est en train de discuter avec sa patiente.

Why Elegance Boutique?

We began by opening beauty salons. Then we found the opportunity to invest in professional, state-of-the-art machinery. As a result, we have ordered machines and expanded our range of services. Today, we have more than 8 machines, enabling us to expand our range of services and continue to expand our business.

We therefore decided to offer these machines to all beauty salons, giving them the chance to expand their range of services with the latest-generation machines at unbeatable prices.

Elegance Boutique is happy to introduce you to its machines. Our motto: test before you buy. Take advantage of our experienced staff to ask any questions you may have. In fact, they use them every day.

“The only truth is yours”, Elegance Boutique.

Esthéticienne debout en train de poser pour une photographie.

Our training courses

Our machines are easy to use, but may require an initial demonstration to get the hang of them. No stress with Elegance Boutique: training is included with every machine purchased.

Our estheticians, experts in the use of each machine, will show you in detail how to operate it. All the benefits and advantages will also be explained.

Crissier Institute

Discover our beauty salon in Crissier.


Rue des Alpes 59, 1023 Crissier, Switzerland

Institut de Marrakech – Showroom

Discover our beauty salon in Marrakech. Here you’ll find all our products and machines!


Ufficio N°8 situato al 23 Boulevard Allal El Fassi Lot Boukar Imm Josephine, Marrakech, Marocco