I-Model machine

I-Model IM-6

Latest neuromuscular generation

A 25-minute session of I-Model produces the same muscle strengthening, metabolic improvement and calorie consumption as several hours of training in a gym. Results are visible as early as the fourth week.

272 per month*

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*Leasing with no deposit from 272.00 per month for a total of CHF 12,990.00 excluding VAT. Revolutionary “supramaximal” process featuring the latest technological innovations.

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2-year factory warranty

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Free delivery

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CE certified

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Free installation

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After-sales service in Switzerland

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Easy leasing

Why should I-Model be part of your clinic?

Get ready for a unique experience. All over the world, professionals are experiencing a veritable revolution that has changed the way we think about body sculpting and beauty. We’ve moved on from the old-fashioned treatment of localized fat to modern muscle-strengthening and fat-burning systems, with technologies previously used only in elite sports. I-Model delivers immediate and permanent results in fat loss, toning, muscle regeneration, rehabilitation and skin rejuvenation treatments. With I-Model, the flabbier muscles are rehabilitated and strengthened, improving blood circulation to surrounding tissues and helping to combat cellulite and localized fat accumulation. 1 session = 3 hours of fitness : I-Model is the first and only device to combine localized neurostimulation (60ma). The 700 us pulse width enables I-Model to reach depths of up to 15 centimetres, and even reduce visceral fat. Six zones at the same time: Simultaneously and differentially toning the legs, abdominals, glutes, arms, pectorals and back, I-Model acts simultaneously on several muscle groups to deliver radical, all-round muscle toning. I-Model electronic is worn directly on the suit. It gives you complete freedom to manage the process. Can operate for over 12 hours without charging, at a distance of up to 150 meters from the main unit. No wires, no mess: I-Model is remotely controlled by a tablet that informs you in real time of all treatment parameters, giving you total flexibility to create a personalized treatment for each patient. The immediate benefits of I-Model :

  • Shaping and toning the buttocks
  • Toned legs and arms
  • Defined abdomen
  • Defined pectoral and back muscles
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Increased strength and endurance

Muscular definition

Specific program to tone muscles and eliminate superficial fat.


Program designed to develop muscles intensely and deeply.


For the treatment of sagging skin, hanging tissue, flaccidity and orange-peel skin.


It is excellent for treating decompensation, pain, hernias or postural correction.

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