Body Sculpt machine

Body Sculpt BS-2

Latest generation

Non-invasive body contouring treatment for women and men, with action on both muscle and fat.

*No-installment leasing from 356.00 per month for a total of CHF 16,990.00 excl. tax. Revolutionary “supramaximal” process featuring the latest technological innovations.

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Unbeatable price

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Our institutes use them

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Training included

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2-year factory warranty

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Free delivery

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CE certified

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Free installation

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After-sales service in Switzerland

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Easy leasing

What does the Body Sculpt machine do?

Reshape and firm your tummy and buttocks!

The BodySculpt Machine uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves that penetrate fat and muscle layers without affecting the skin. It sends impulses to the motor nerves, triggering extremely intense muscle contractions. These so-called “supramaximal” contractions cannot be generated by voluntary action on the muscles.

The muscle contracts to 100%. 5 pulses are sent per second, i.e. around 20,000 in a 30-minute session. This kind of performance is totally impossible to achieve during a sports session. Exposed to these intense contractions, muscle tissue is forced to adapt to these extreme conditions. It reacts by remodeling its internal structure in depth, leading to the development of muscle mass and the burning of fat (cell apoptosis).


Builds muscle mass and helps to restore firm buttocks in just a few sessions.


Tones thighs or calves without any surgery.irectively removes skin hairs, prevents them from growing back, immediate effect.


Remodels and firms the abdomen, tones muscles.


1 session represents 20,000 crunches!

+ 16%

Muscle mass increased by 16% on average

– 19%

Average fat loss 19

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State-of-the-art technology

Revolutionary process featuring the latest technological innovations.

Touch screen

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2 handles

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Electrical frequency


Maximum frequency


Magnetic power

0-7 Tesla

Magnetic pulse width

300 µs

Rated power

300 W

Energy consumption


Power supply



2 years

Dimensions (HxDxW)

129cm x 40cm x 40cm


47 kg

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