Bannière de plusieurs machines d'esthétique incluant l'hydraface, la laser diode et la détatouage picolaser

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Laser diode machine

Laser Diode 808 LD-7

Latest-generation diode laser device, featuring comfortable power with cooled crystal and two treatment tips. It features the latest technological innovations.

From 298.- per month

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Laser 3 in 1

Laser 3 in 1 L3-1

The 3-in-1 laser hair removal, it combines the wavelengths of an alexandrite laser, a diode laser and a YAG laser in a single handpiece and treats all pigmented hair of skin types I-V (very light to dark skin) with three wavelengths at the same time.

From 440.- per month

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Machine Shape Pro pour amincissement

Shape Pro SX-5

It’s the most effective non-invasive treatment, capable in less than an hour of firming the skin, slimming and reshaping the body.

From 440.- per month

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Cryolipolysis machine

Cryolipolysis 360° CR-5

Cryolipolysis is a procedure for slimming through cold treatment of localized fat deposits, eliminating up to 70% of fat cells.

From 398.- per month

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Body Sculpt machine

Body Sculpt BS-2

This revolutionary process generates “supramaximal” contractions. These very strong stimuli act deep down and cause muscle tissue to react, adapting and reorganizing itself. This eliminates fat and builds muscle mass. Destroyed by the intense electromagnetic activity, fat cells are then gradually eliminated by the body in the weeks following treatment.

From 356.- per month

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Hydrafacial machine

Hydraface HF-9

Hydraface is a treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and deeply extracts all skin impurities, thanks to a unique patented system.

From 214.- per month

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Laser Tattoo removing machine

Laser Tattoo Remover PL-1 (picolaser)

It is based on the absorption of light energy by the tattoo pigments. In this way, the particles break up and the body gradually absorbs the ink in the weeks following the session.

From 587.- per month

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I-Model machine

I-Model IM-6

I-Model delivers immediate and permanent results in fat loss, toning, muscle regeneration, rehabilitation and skin rejuvenation treatments.

From 272.- per month

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The Sinepil machine offers a wide and versatile range of hair removal frequencies and currents for gentle, effective electric hair removal from all areas of the face and body.

From 250.- per month

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