Laser diode machine

Laser Diode 808 LD-7

Latest generation

Latest-generation diode laser device, with cooled crystal, two treatment tips, pain-free results from the very first session.

398 per month

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*Leasing with no deposit from CHF 398.00 per month for a total of CHF 18,990.00 excluding VAT. Latest-generation diode laser device with comfortable power, cooled crystal and two treatment tips. It features the latest technological innovations.

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2-year factory warranty

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After-sales service in Switzerland

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What does the 808nm Laser Diode machine do?

How the 808 diode laser works Permanent hair removal with the diode laser is considered one of the most effective hair removal techniques in the world. What’s special about diode lasers is that not only do they remove hair effectively (results are visible from the very first session), they also respect the skin, preventing it from being burned or damaged. In practice, the light scattered by the diode laser is absorbed by the hair’s pigmentation, its melanin. The laser follows the pigmentation of the hair from head to root. The bulb is thus eradicated. Hair disappears, growing back finer and in smaller quantities. Diode laser energy destroys the hair bulb without damaging the epidermis. The laser head is actually cooled to a temperature of -5°C, which prevents the skin from overheating during the entire laser hair removal process. The diode laser works on the principle of “selective photo thermolysis”. This means that the diode laser will emit infrared rays that target only the hair’s melanin. We’re talking about a selective laser, since LightSheer diode laser hair removal is such that the laser attacks darker colors. Fair skin is therefore spared. The diode laser is more effective on dark hair. The darker the hair, the lighter the skin, the better the diode laser results. However, tests are underway to treat black skin. Hairs are particularly rich in melanin during their growth period, known as the anagen phase. Diode laser hair removal will therefore be much more effective during this period. It’s important to note that not all hairs are at the same stage of growth at the same time. Several sessions of diode laser hair removal will therefore be necessary to ensure that every hair is treated. With each session of permanent hair removal, hair growth slows down and hair becomes thinner until it stops growing. With diode laser hair removal, you obtain the following results with each session:

  • Finer hair
  • Slower growth
  • Lighter hair
  • Eventually, the hairs rest and stop growing.

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More safety

No injury to the skin, no side effects, no inflammation of the hair follicle and inflamed skin after the operation, no damage to the pore and does not affect perspiration.

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More efficient

Directly destroys skin hairs, removes background hairs, prevents them from growing back, immediate effect.

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State-of-the-art technology

Latest-generation diode laser device, with cooled crystal and two treatment tips. Includes the latest technological innovations.

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