Electric depilator: Sinepil

Latest generation

Sinepil is a high-tech device that offers optimal treatment customization thanks to different types of currents: Thermolysis, Flash Thermolysis, Microflash, IperBlend, Anaphoresis and Cataphoresis.

250 per month

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*Leasing with no deposit from CHF 250.00 per month for a total of CHF 11,990.00 excluding VAT. Latest-generation diode laser device with comfortable power, cooled crystal and two treatment tips. It features the latest technological innovations.

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Unbeatable price

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Our institutes use them

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Training included

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2-year factory warranty

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Free delivery

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CE certified

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Free installation

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After-sales service in Switzerland

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Easy leasing

What does the Sinepil electric hair removal machine do?

The device features a 13.56 MHz thermolysis system that delivers instant coagulation energy to the hair’s germinative structures with immediate results, as well as a combined current system that enables a particular “chemical” electrolytic hair removal, based on the destruction of germinative cells. Tested and safe systems, with exceptional hair removal results on all hair types and colors (white, blond, red and brown) and on all skin tones. Sinepil is a technologically advanced device that offers optimal treatment personalization thanks to 4 working systems – Microflash, Thermo, Blend, Hyperblend – specifically designed for effective, safe and painless hair removal from all areas of the face and body, without causing damage to the skin. High power, millisecond-precise settings and easy programming ensure maximum autonomy and safety, with perfect hair removal results. Sophisticated Smartepil software is easy to use: the device’s configuration lets you select the hair removal program best suited to the characteristics of the area and the hair, with 436 programs and 3,888 different settings possible. Guaranteed success!

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Internet connection

Allows periodic software updates via the Internet.

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Intuitive interface

Allows the beautician to carry out an analysis in just a few minutes, providing useful information for drawing up a personalized treatment program.

Integrated self-diagnosis system

Allows you to check the unit’s efficiency in real time and benefit from remote technical assistance.


It enables rapid, detailed analysis of the skin’s profile, and a more professional approach to proposing treatments and self-care products.


Practical and easy to use.

Italian technology

Equipment designed and built in Italy specifically for aesthetics.

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State-of-the-art technology

The Sinepil machine offers a wide and versatile range of hair removal frequencies and currents for gentle, effective electric hair removal from all areas of the face and body.

Touch screen

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2 years

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