Bannière de plusieurs machines d'esthétique incluant l'hydraface, la laser diode et la détatouage picolaser


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The O-LRNIS law

In the world of aesthetics, one subject is currently the talk of the town among professionals: the O-LRNIS law.

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The Picolaser tattoo removal machine

The picolaser tattoo removal machine is a specialized tool that can effectively remove unwanted tattoos. Unlike other tattoo removal methods, this machine is able to handle a wide variety of tattoo colors, including dark pigments and bright colors.

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Laser diode machine

The 808 Laser Diode machine

The 808nm diode laser machine is a state-of-the-art diode laser device featuring comfortable power output, a cooled crystal and two treatment tips. It features the latest technological innovations. Laser hair removal has never been so easy!

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The hydraface machine

Hydraface cleanses, exfoliates and deeply extracts all skin impurities, thanks to a unique patented system.

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The Shape machine

The shape machine helps you get back into shape by destroying fat cells.

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Body Sculpt machine

The Body Sculpt machine

Body sculpting allows your customers to build muscle and burn fat fast. The machine uses a touch screen to easily manage power and frequency. The device has two handles that can be used simultaneously for different body parts.

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