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The Body Sculpt machine

Body Sculpt machine

What is a body sculpt machine?

Body Sculpt uses a revolutionary process that generates “supramaximal” contractions. These very strong stimuli act deep down and cause muscle tissue to react, adapting and reorganizing itself. This eliminates fat and builds muscle mass. Destroyed by the intense electromagnetic activity, fat cells are then gradually eliminated by the body in the weeks following treatment. Body sculpting allows your customers to build muscle and burn fat fast. The machine uses a touch screen to easily manage power and frequency. The device has two handles that can be used simultaneously for different body parts.

Body parts that can be strengthened with body sculpting


The body sculpt machine builds muscle mass and helps you achieve firm buttocks in just a few sessions.


Thighs and calves are toned without surgery.


Remodels and firms the abdomen, toning all muscles.


Body sculpting shapes the abs, with 1 session equivalent to 20,000 crunches. All our machines are tested and approved by our beauticians, who can guide you in your choices and your questions.