Bannière de plusieurs machines d'esthétique incluant l'hydraface, la laser diode et la détatouage picolaser

La machine hydraface

What is a hydraface machine?

The hydrafacie machine is the machine that gives your customers a whole new skin. The hydraface temporarily opens the pores for optimal penetration of various exclusive serums and vitamins. Hydraface cleanses, exfoliates and deeply extracts all skin impurities, thanks to a unique patented system. In 3 sessions, each lasting 30 to 40 minutes, your customers will be able to recover their skin as good as new, with no undesirable effects after the session! At the end of the treatment, the customer is left with a luminous complexion, smooth skin and a plumped-up face. What makes this machine all the more interesting is all the additional treatment it offers to the customer’s skin. Wrinkles are reduced, acne is treated and the skin is moisturized throughout the process.

Hydraface machine features

The machine has 6 tips with adjustable modes to manage power and penetration depth. All our machines are tested and approved by our beauticians, who can guide you in your choices and your questions.