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The 808 Laser Diode machine

Laser diode machine

What is an 808 diode laser machine?

The 808nm diode laser machine is a state-of-the-art diode laser device featuring comfortable power, crystal cooling and two treatment tips. It features the latest technological innovations. Laser hair removal has never been so easy! Our professional laser device offers a complete application for all treatment areas: arms, underarms, legs, beard, lips and bikini.

Advantages of the 808 diode laser machine

More safety

No injury to the skin, no side effects, no inflammation of the hair follicle and inflamed skin after the operation, no damage to the pore and does not affect perspiration.

More efficient

Directly destroys skin hairs, removes background hairs, prevents them from growing back, immediate effect.

High power

High power and large spot size ensure better hair removal results.


Short hair removal time, 20-minute treatment time for body parts, short recovery period.

More functional

Hair removal freezing not only removes hair, but also tightens the skin, whitens, moisturizes, shrinks pores and other effects.


No processing gel is used during high-speed processing, saving time and money. All our machines are tested and approved by our beauticians, who can guide you in your choices and your questions.