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La machine Shape

Soin du visage avec la machine amincissante Shape SX6

What is a shape machine?

The shape machine helps you get back into shape by destroying fat cells. Where body sculpting builds muscle, shape sculpting burns fat more efficiently and helps you slim down. Body sculpting works more effectively for people who are already drawn, as shaping helps to shape the body. The two treatments can therefore be combined to give your customers the most incredible summer body!

The shape is the first machine to make body and face.

Sessions last 1 hour for a complete body part. The number of sessions can vary from 4, 8 or 12.

The body must be prepared by draining it, then the machine continues the work by breaking up the fat. There are 6 handpieces, 4 for the body and 2 for the face. Each handpiece takes about 12 minutes to complete.

Other advantages of shape

Eliminates wrinkles

Helps firm and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduces cellulite

This is the ideal protocol for cellulite reduction.

Promotes blood circulation

Working on the body and face not only slims, it also helps your customers’ blood circulation. All our machines are tested and approved by our beauticians, who can guide you in your choices and your questions.